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U15 Win the Sussex League Vs Lewes

U15 Win the Sussex League Vs Lewes

Accounts Department11 Mar - 15:30
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The famed balcony at Brighton Football Club (RFU) witnessed further success at Waterhall this Sunday

Brighton U15s had been unbeaten all season in the League and all friendly fixtures and the players targeted maintaining that record as the day's goal. As the international weekend fixtures provided some of the most entertaining results of any single 6 nations weekend, our squad did not want to disappoint.

Brighton had a dominant start to the game and held a 21-0 lead by half-time, allowing our 4 finishers to take on the mantle and swap in to try and provide an equally strong finish to the second half of the game. They did not relent.
The final score after another bruising and passionate encounter was a resounding 52-17 win to Brighton. Queue the blue smoke and music!!

The Squad finished the 2023/2024 league unbeaten, with maximum bonus points gained in every fixture. The stats were incredible across the board showing 296 points scored in only 7 games, 7 wins, maximum bonus try points, a points difference of +206, and an average of over 42 points scored each game including a 40- 0 victory against our local their own backyard!!

That level of success on the pitch does not happen by chance. This group of young players has turned up to every session this season with a willingness to learn and progress. The coaches have facilitated player-led sessions to grow and become a part of the norm pre-match, culminating in turning a 2022/23 season of 2 wins out of 7 into an unbeaten 2024.

This management team has coached and observed this age group for 4 years. In that time I am able to say that as both a player and as a person, each squad member has displayed marked improvement in both a strong, positive mental attitude
and physicality. I am pleased to say that our squad brings the same level of effort and dedication to activities both on and off the
field. The squad also has 5 Harlequin DPP academy players, with 3 awaiting trials.

Rugby is a great sport that provides an environment to both challenge yourself and develop within a team. Our U15 squad thrives in the rugby environment.
The season's aim and core target is to consistently work hard in the sessions, be passionate, communicate respectfully to the opposition, the staff, and their peers, and show at all times their team potential and individual worth. What more can you ask for from a bunch of 14/15-year-olds?

We have a great mix of abilities and personalities within the team at Brighton. Our 3 newest players only joined rugby in October, November, and February.
These 3 very quickly integrated themselves into the team environment and showed themselves to be confident and very able sportsmen. They very quickly rose to become popular and fully integrated
players. Not an easy task, especially within such a diverse and large group but readily undertaken and welcomed by the whole group including players, parents, supporters, coaches, first aiders, and Club officials.

However pleased I am with the squad on the pitch, it is the behaviors and standards off the pitch, by which I hold them in highest regard. They are polite, attentive and respond positively to feedback. Not all players at this age have this ability.

I am a strong advocate of Rugby being fully inclusive, and being played with the core values at the heart. Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, and Sportsmanship. Enjoyment is the reason the boys play Rugby, and when played as a team, with mutual respect and discipline I hope to produce a squad with a play-to-win attitude, but not at all costs. Sportsmanship is key, on and off the field.

I firmly believe that Good People make Good Players.

Sport is a passion of mine, and rugby especially. I have been very fortunate to be involved in playing rugby since a very young age and had the honour of coaching for the last 12 years. The opportunities, experiences, friendships, and lifelong memories I have from the School and Club Rugby environment are massively important to me.
If I can help in any way to provide anything similar to any children from the ages of 7 upwards, I am very happy to do so. I know most would continue to thrive in our care and environment, and it is our mission to ensure all our squads make memories and friends for life.
Please do visit and join in. Every Sunday 10 am - 12 pm, Waterhall playing fields....the field of Dreams.

The 2023/24 league is our attention turns to our U15s Tour to France in April. Chapeau Brighton U15s... Chapeau!

Coach Brighton Football Club (RFU) U15s

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